Jimmy John's Menu and Price List Latest US 2018

Jimmy John’s is among the fastest-growing quick-serve franchises inside the United States, with a typical around 200 new locations opening up each year during the previous few years. The chain focuses completely on sandwiches, offering only bags of chips, cookies and soda upon the side.

The chain is named for owner Jimmy John Liautaud, who chose to open a restaurant in 1983 after his father ordered him to either get into business or join the military. Liautaud actually initially experimented having a hot dog stand, but found it was eventually actually more economical to open a sandwich shop on his limited budget.

Delivery is built straight into the DNA of the corporate, as Liautaud experienced success at his first location by delivering to school students in the nearby Eastern Illinois University. This formula worked so well that by 1985 he was already opening another location and buying out his father’s half the business. Franchising began in 1993, by 2010 there have been one thousand locations nationwide.

Jimmy John's Menu and Price List Latest US 2018

The Jimmy John’s menu is about as stripped-down as could be. The sandwiches mostly vary in what kinds of meat they use, coming standard with just lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Bread choices are limited to white and wheat. Jimmy John’s makes this very basic formula work with fresh bread, better-quality meat than comparable low-cost chains and an easy, satisfying deliciousness on their recipe. Additionally they embrace the “Freaky Fast” philosophy, often putting a sandwich together until the customer is even done spending money on it and getting deliveries out at light speed.

Jimmy John’s Menu keeps their meat choices to some similarly basic formula — customers choose from various combinations of roast beef, turkey, ham, tuna, salami and capicola. It’s definitely a meat-eaters paradise, as vegetarian options are limited to at least one veggie sandwich. Cheese is optional and costs just a little extra with most sandwiches. Cookie options will also be kept simple with only chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin available, but there‘s a bigger choice of chips and sodas.

Jimmy John’s currently includes a presence in 44 from the 50 states, and Liautaud still owns the majority from the business. About 98% from the locations are franchisees. The corporate has made numerous efforts to extend their visibility through sponsorships of athletes for example UFC and WWE performer Brock Lesnar and NASCAR racers Kevin Harvick and Rusty Wallace. Additionally they sponsor the annual Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast 500 race in the Chicago Speedway.

The following are the most recent Jimmy John's prices.

Jimmy John’s Sub Sandwiches menu prices
  • The Veggie .... $5,99
  • J.J.B.L.T .... $5,99
  • Totally Tuna® .... $5,99
  • Turkey Tom® .... $5,99
  • Vito® .... $5,99
  • Pepe® .... $5,99
  • Big John® .... $5,99
Jimmy John’s Plain Slims menu prices
  • Ham & Cheese .... $4.49
  • Roast Beef .... $4.49
  • Tuna Salad .... $4.49
  • Turkey Breast .... $4.49
  • Salami, Capicola, Cheese .... $4.49
  • Double Provolone .... $4.49
Jimmy John’s Giant Club Sandwiches menu prices
  • Bootlegger Club® .... $7.49
  • Club Tuna® .... $7.49
  • Club Lulu® .... $7.49
  • Hunter’s Club® .... $7.49
  • Country Club® .... $7.49
  • Beach Club® .... $7.49
  • Gourmet Veggie Club® .... $7.49
  • Gourmet Smoked Ham Club .... $7.49
  • Billy Club® .... $7.49
  • Italian Night Club® .... $7.49
  • Ultimate Porker™ .... $7.49
  • The J.J. Gargantuan® .... $8,99
Jimmy John’s Party Platters menu prices
  • 15 Piece Sandwiches Platter 5 sandwiches .... $35,99
  • 30 Sandwiches Platter 10 sandwiches .... $65,99
Jimmy John’s Party Subs menu prices
  • Party Sub 2′ .... $48,99
  • Party Sub 4′ .... $96,99
  • Party Sub 6′ .... $144,99
Jimmy John’s Party Sides menu prices
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray 12 Pc. .... $17.99
  • Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray 12 Pc. .... $17.99
  • Six Of Each Cookie Tray 12 Pc. .... $17.99
  • Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle Bucket .... $4.50

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