Barburrito Prices UK – Price List UK 2018

Barburrito price list UK? You can‘t discover the Barburrito 2018 prices easily on Internet. We summarized all Barburrito prices below. This type of chain is an famous restaurant for burritos inside the UK. Sometimes you‘re looking to the Barburrito menu price though it‘s difficult fo find this type of price list, especially, Barburrito menu prices UK. So if you feel in need of assistance of Barburrito menu prices, actually Barburrito menu prices UK, then I hope this chart will certainly be very helpful for you personally. Here you‘ll the entire Barburrito menu plus the prices of the products. Barburrito drinks menu price is likewise included inside the chart. So, from now you don’t need to tensed to the Barburrito menu and Barburrito menu prices because all these are generally right here for you personally.

If you observe any mistakes inside the Barburrito price list twenty-four hours a day contact us. We will affect the Barburrito menu prices so everyone can check a relevant price list!

Barburrito Prices UK

Barburrito Prices UK 2018

Barburrito Menu: Choose Filling
  • Char Grilled .... £5.96
  • Slow Cooked .... £6.19
  • Spicy Shredded .... £6.35
  • Char Grilled .... £6.35
  • Flash Fried .... £5.50
Barburrito Menu: Add Sides
  • Tortilla Chips .... £1.00
  • With Salsa .... £1.79
  • With Guacamole .... £2.29
  • With Cheese Sauce .... £2.29 
Barburrito Menu: Choose Drinks
  • Soda .... £1.69
  • Water .... £1.39
  • This Water .... £2.09
  • Iced Tea .... £2.09
  • Mexican Beers .... £3.45/£3.65

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